Monday, January 28, 2008

~~~Oh How Sweet It Is!!!!~~~~

SWEET!!! Oh how sweet it is to have had two days to create and play! The canvas are flying around here! I finished several paintings this weekend and even got started on a few Valentine goodies! Now, it's Monday, a new day and the fresh beginning of a new week! I promised, here are the last two Meme questions and answers and then...the three people that I tag to do the Meme next (are you ready????).

#8. 4 places I would rather be:

Ohhh, in Italy of course!, or Switzerland...but back to reality, in the kitchen cooking and hanging out with my kiddos or in the studio with my two dogs, listening to music and painting my heart out!!!

#9.4 things I look forward to this year:

Creating...yes! much more of that!!

Stepping out of my comfort zone try new things, meet new people, see life in a different view (I promise this is not some new age mumbo jumbo...I really do like to challenge myself to try something new- this year, I would like to serve, maybe as a volunteer at Scottish Rite Hospital or something along those lines!)

Getting more organized-any tips? or maybe a magic wand you want to share????

Being the best I can be, saying no more often, not overloading my schedule, spending more time at home, eating healthier (really!) and getting more exercise...even if it is just walking...looking at the birds, the trees and the flowers!

And can I add one sense following all the rules. I want to be thankful and grateful for all the blessings in my life and follow where God leads me!!!

There!!! That is it. If you want to know anything else about me, you will just have to ask me...questions anyone????

Now for the fun part of passing on the Meme to:

1. Cari at

2. Kecia at

3.Hmmmm, Karla at

if you don't want to participate, then I will choose someone else, but this one is a little easier than some of the tags I have gotten!!! Have a great day and a fabulous week!!!

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