Saturday, January 26, 2008

~~~~~NOSEy ROSEy~~~~~

This is what I wake up to each morning...the large wet snout of a Great Dane! Her name is Bella Luchia, Luchia for short...(that is lucy in Italian, beautiful lucy!) It is better than any alarm clock...she is quite persistent and does not have a snooze feature!! This morning though, you might notice something odd...I know I did. when she came to wake me up this morning, through half asleep eyes, I noticed that her nose was pink! At first glance, I thought maybe she had gotten it caught in something...she is notorious for sticking that big snout where it does not belong. I patted her on the head and said "poor puppy" I tried to roll over and go back to sleep. No such luck, as she continued to push that cold wet nose into my back....o.k., o.k., I will put you out. As we headed to the back door, it dawned on me that she had gotten into my paint at that!!!

She had decided to get into the kitchen trash during the night, only to find a paper plate filled with paint instead of some yummy leftovers!! Ever since we adopted a new pup this Summer, she has had a few behavior problems...mainly getting into the trash when I take the pup in the van with me ( gotta have a van for a dog as big as Luchia....she is the size of a pony!). Guess she was going to show me a thing or two, as I had taken Vegas (the pup...named by my 15 yr. old son who also has a cat named Reno...go figure?????) any way, I took the pup to visit my mother for the day, as he is great entertainment for her. My mom has COPD and is on oxygen 24 hrs a day now, so she doesn't wander out much. So it is a real treat for Vegas to go visit her and her little Rat Terrier named Molly (gotta get a pic of her...all her spots are heart shaped!). That explains the midnight trash dive that Luchia took....I think she was sorry, as she gave me that sweet "Awww Mom" look when I got on to her. Think maybe I should rename her? Nosey Rosey or Rosey Nosey!!!

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Anonymous said...

OH, that's my girl, Luchia!!! She is such a mess... but she is so beautiful, how can you be mad for long? Here's to Nosey Rosey!!! That is the perfect name for her, she has to see what everyone is doing. Have a great Saturday! Love ya- Cari