Sunday, January 27, 2008

More on the Meme!

Here it is...a little more case you are saying?? huh?? Laura has confirmed it! My definition of Meme was correct (see post below). Sooooo, lets get some more answers to those questions she has asked

#3. 4 Places I have lived:

I am really afraid this is going to be quite boring to those of you who have moved around a bit!

I was born in Irving , Texas.....spent my childhood in Irving, Texas, moved to Dallas, Texas right after college and during early marriage...then moved back to Irving, Texas to raise my family. And this will not surprise you....I still live here!!! But if you are looking for excitement, ask me how many times I have painted the walls in this house...especially the living room. Never a dull moment there!!!
#4. 4 TV shows that I watch:
Hmmmm...just so you know, I really do have morals and values...but I do watch
Gray's Anatomy (last season was better)
Desperate Housewives (dito above)
Brothers and Sisters
But my all time fav is DANCING WITH THE STARS!!! I love it!!! If I could, I would dance like that too!!!....but the only thing I can move with rhythm (to music) is my paint brush!!!
#5. 4 Places I have been outside the U.S.:
I have been to Italy, Paris, Switzerland, Capri (the most beautiful island) and Monaco.
#6. 4 people that email me regularly:
whew! finally an easy dear friends Cari, Deb (both part of WAREHOUSE ARTCHIX, my fun friend Gigi and my lovely daughter Syd.
#7. and I promise to stop for today- 4 favorite things to eat:
wish I could say this one was not easy...but it is, in fact I could name many more!
First would be pasta, love pasta...maybe due to all the time in Italy, then I love a good steak (ever so often), hot tamale candies...they are my stress relievers, homemade pancakes or waffles which I often make on Saturday morn for my son and I to share together and of course we have bacon or sausage links with them!
O-key-dokie...that does it for the questions for today, tune in tomorrow to see the last two questions and to see who I tag to do this next!!! Oh! I almost forgot...the pic above is one of my latest paintings I just finished...this seems to be my favorite combo of colors lately...think I might be pining for SPRING !


Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! I love to read new things about you. Even though I know you well... Some of these answers still surprise me. Cant wait till tomorrow's blog! ~Cari

Tutti Chic said...

LOVE this BLOG!! I'm off to read more! It was fun learning stuff about you & what you love to eat! PASTA is my all-time favorite too but chocolate takes a GIANT first place!!!LOL!Thanks so much for visiting today~I will visit here often! :) chris