Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Brake for PINK!!!

Have you ever seen a PINK stop sign??? Well I am telling you , here in Texas we have one of everything! As my friend Cari and I were driving out of the Home Depot parking lot yesterday, there it was... a PINK stop sign!!! We had to go back there today with our camera in tow, just to snap a picture of you think they might let me take this one so they can replace it with a standard red one??? I need (you know I like to use that word!) it for my studio and garden!!! Or I could put it in my front yard with a banner that says in the name of love. Get it??? Stop in the name of love...Cari and I got a big laugh as we sang that one on the way to the office!!! Do you have PINK stop signs in your town???

1 comment:

kecia said...

no, here in Jurzy, we do not have pink stop signs! (but i wish we did!)but hey, we've got big hair and bruce springsteen; so that's gotta count for something!