Monday, January 21, 2008

~Polka Dot Pink Whimsy~

Polka Dots and Pink! Top that off with sugary sweet pink roses and a little rick rack trim...makes for a fun little painting. This is a sweet 8 x 10" canvas in shades of frosting pink topped off with a little glass glitter for that extra dose of glam! Do you think maybe the thought of Valentines coming soon had some influence? why yes, it did...I love that holiday filled with love and hearts, but most of all the combination of pink and red just makes my heart throb! February is one of my fav months, and not just because my birthday falls in there somewhere, but also the birthdays of many of my dearest friends...a month filled with love and celebrations!

It makes me so happy that I find myself buying all sorts of pink items for creating...large bottles of pink paint, pink velvet ribbon, pink pom pom trim, pink rick rack, pink glitter....and then I just get to spend all my creative time painting and making art with these items!! If anything PINK just makes your heart soar, then we are kindred spirits! And if you need (you know like we need a hole in our head!...that kinda need...the kind that fills you with daydreams of decorating and painting...provides inspiration). Well like I was saying, if you need this little confection of a painting, just let me know and I will send a paypal invoice your way and then package it up really pretty (with some of that pink ribbon I spoke of earlier!) and send it your way. You can own it for the sweet price of $42.00 and that includes shipping (unless international shipping is required). Stay tuned for more sweet paintings from this last week...They make a great grouping...just so tempting!

2 comments: said...

What a pretty one, and I love the background of it too.

kecia said...

and what exactly is the birthdate?