Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tagged for a Meme (?) by here goes~~

My friend Laura ( ) has tagged me for a Meme. What is a Meme you may ask??? Wish I knew but I am guessing it is a name for telling a little about Me, and then a little more about me.....did I guess right Laura??? So here goes my Meme!

#1. 4 jobs I have had:

My very first job was at Sanger Harris, when I was 15! I was so excited that I had convinced the personnel manager to hire me a year early (required age was 16). Probably did not hurt that I already looked 20...always grown up! I sold clothing in the Juniors department and the Women's department, but the best part of all, was when the Gift Wrap department needed help! Ohhhh how I loved wrapping those packages and I was good at that! I would make up extra bows for the next shift and tape them to the wall above the colorful papers....still can make those bows and I wrap a mean present!

My second job was as a bank teller while I was in college, I worked the commercial window and loved it! I did that until I left for Europe to study.

Upon returning to the states, my mother and I have opened a retail store (gifts and antiques) that was about 18 yrs ago, the name of the store was Return To Romance . Now remember that was 20 years ago....think victorian and country... ahhh the name makes sense.

After having my first child, I closed up shop and came home to run a handpainted clothing line. I painted clothes, shoes, handbags, socks, jewelry...could paint that stuff in my sleep! I sold the line both wholesale to stores and retail to clients. When the painted clothing thing became outdated, I began painting on furniture for designers, then walls...then faux finishing. This was a natural fit, because my background was in fine arts.

Funny how all of this job experience adds up to what I do now...I have a design firm in Grapevine, Tx called RTR Designs (yes, still using the intials of the original Return To Romance ). Through the years of being in clients homes, I would often offer suggestions and then end up doing way more than just painting on their walls or furniture...wasn't long before I was designing whole rooms and window treatments...then whole houses...etc....What a gift it is to do daily something that I love! I am blessed !

o.k., back on track here~

#2. 4 movies that I have watched over and over:
that's a hard one...

Bambi would be daughter watched it several times a day when she was little.

next...would be Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers when my son was little

other than that...I hate to watch movies son will laugh here though, because lately I have ordered two movies from Net Flix just to put them on and then say "I have seen this one!" must be an age thing!

since my answers are getting so long...I will wait till tomorrow to answer more of the Meme questions! See Laura, you may wish you had never quick answers to these! Loved your answers! -Sandra


Lolly said...

Sandra, you have the meme right. I can't wait to read the rest of your answers. We have more in common than I thought. I wrapped gifts at Watson's for one of my jobs and painted T-shirts for someone else, although I am sure yours were much more detailed than mine. Most of mine were sponged. I am the same way about movies. I can't remember what I have seen, but it doesn't matter because I usually fall asleep after five minutes anyway! Had fun reading. Can't wait for the rest. said...

That is something else we have in common- I was a clothing painter too! In the 80s, I was an assembly line Tee and Sweat Shirt painter! Lots of roses, bunnies, hearts and kitties!!! I sold everyhwere too, mostly stores. I was the tee shirt painter for Silver Dollar City in Branson for a while too, I painted portraits of the dolls they sold there. LOTS of raggedy Anns!