Friday, February 1, 2008

Can you hear those little birdies sing???

Yes! here in Texas, the sun is shining and the birds are singing...what a beautiful day!! Especially after the last few days we have had here in our home! The "stomach bug" really got a hold on us!!! First I got sick, days of throwing up ( I know...not nice to talk about it!) and then slept like I was in a coma for two days, finally waking up and feeling face my poor son getting it too! I spent all night up and down with him (so thankful that I was feeling better) trying to make him feel better. Nothing to really do but let it run its course...he is sleeping now, hope he can do that all day with no more runs to the bathroom. Bless his heart! and he was such a good caretaker while I was sick...bringing me Gatorade and checking in on me!

But on the upside...the sun is peeking in my windows and if I just sit here and imagine...I can pretend it is Spring! I can hear the can't blame a girl for trying! Well, if I study the painting of the little bird in my painting above...I can surely smell the flowers in bloom! As soon as I get my Etsy on this blog, you can see more of that sweet bird as he is available in prints now!!


cindy said...

Glad you are feeling better! That is a nasty little bug, my BF just had it and she had a doozy of it. It had gone into her ears and she had bad bouts of severe dizziness. So....yuck! Gah, I just love that birdie!


kecia said...

i want that birdie picture!!!!

glad you and spencer are better - it sounded horrible! valentine's goodies coming your way - get excited! said...

You poor thing. We've been sick too, all taking turns with it. I am just worried the baby will have it next. My son has been pretty sweet to me too, aren't sons wonderful to have around?

cindy said...

Hey Sandra,
Go check out my blog! I tagged ya! : )