Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Creative Fix

The creative juices have been flowing and I have finally gotten my evening of painting!! Although I was too tired to go out to the studio, I did find a stash of acrylic enamels in a closet in the house...and a new unopened pack of brushes, so I just sat down and painted with my limited palette!! I have really been admiring some of the female faces in artwork lately...there are so many styles and I decided to try my hand at it, well, at least half a face...then of course a floral on the next canvas so I could use up my palette. No paint going to waste around here...if I have any left, I just rub it all over a blank canvas to build texture, so never say I am not thrifty!!! Anyway...just wanted to share a pic and let you know that I have begun listing on Etsy again (checkout for the link to our Etsy shop) and hope to keep adding to it!!! Stay tuned for more art, lots of vintage treasures and lovely little treats!!-Sandra

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's been a long time....

Just so you know I really am still here, thought I would post a recent picture....can you see the extra wrinkles life has added since we last spoke???Here I am in Waco, at my daughters with my everfaithful sidekick Vegas, what could be better in life than a dog that loves you!!!

Wow! How fast can time fly???? It has been two months since I posted on this site...and man has my life changed since then!! I just posted an update on the blog, so I will give a condensed version here. I have not created art for the last two months say that I am having withdrawals would be a major understatement!!! Oh how I long to spend just one whole day in the studio to empty my mind...but , life has me by the coat tail and is pulling me along on this bumpy ride. I know well and good that life is not all smooth sailing..if it were, we would not need our awesome as we travel through the seasons of life, he most definitely shows us how much we need him. I alone can create chaos and confusion, but if I give it to God, he will lead the way and deliver me out of all of that.

Sooooo as I face this day filled with the care of my mom, the selling of her home, the moving of it's contents into storage, the workload that is never ending, an ex husband that is filing bankruptcy ( meaning I need to go to the courthouse and find out why I am listed in his list of creditors along with my daughter...does it ever end??? The divorce is over, but the drama continues.) the process of getting my daughter into college for her junior year and all the time and expense that takes, remembering to pay my own bills....and so much brain is on overload!!!!! Calgon...take me away (maybe not, the bathtub being cleaned is at the bottom of the list!) But, it is a new day and I am looking for the silver lining in it!!!