Saturday, June 25, 2011

Don't you just love it when someone puts their own spin on it!

Have you been over to see Cindy at Yapping Cat Studios? She has some pics up of her Summertime decorating! She is getting all ready for the hot days of July!!! Some red, some white and some blue mixed into her own style. One day last week I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Cindy and Lisa Mc shopping at Lones Star Antique Mall (more on that adventure later!!!). We wandered thru the booths gathering goodies, sharing finds, and popping creative ideas...then we stopped for a yummy bite to eat at the tea room there, where we had a fabulous chicken avocado salad! While we were shopping, Cindy found this fab vintage box, a little chippy peely and nestled in the cutes display! She hated to take it out of the display, but had her own idea for what she would use it for...and if you hop over to her blog, you can see how she put her own spin on it! The box at the mall was filled with nature goodies as you can see in the pics above...but with a few more of her treasures she found and a little tea staining of flags, she made it all her own! Don't you just love it when you get to see what someone does with their treasures??? Well, if I would just unpack mine from the shopping bag, I might find a creative use for them too!!! Off to play with my treasures, have a great weekend!! and Stay cool!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Class Photos from PC

I won't ramble here, but just wanted to post some of the pictures from the class. We had 20 fabulous women here creating in class! A special thank you to each of them, they were so fun to start the day with!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Vendor Night @Paper Cowgirl

leather handpainted cuff bracelets and handpainted cowboy hats with hearts and roses on moss covered dress form with wings painted canvas with french style roses and vintage roses with paintings by Sandra Feazel of 7th St.Studio.

Just thought it might be fun to show you some pictures from Vendor Night at PC! This is a collage of the items in my booth. I did some handpainted Cowgirl Hats, some Handpainted Leather Cuff Bracelets and lots of blingy hair goodies and adornments! I also brought some of my small pieces of artwork to sell. The leather cuffs were the hit of the night! Especially the ones with the Smooshy Roses like the class I taught! I had a great time setting up and selling, but even more fun buying goodies from the other vendors....there were some great treasures at some fab-u-lous prices!!! I need to finish un-packing so I can snap some pics of my treasures! Susan Skinner had some beautiful handmade lamp shades, I bought my mom one for her bedside lamp...and Lisa Mc had some great goodies set up with Karla Nathan. Joanna had some bargains again this time, you can always count on her for lots of loot for your cowgirl buck!!! and Lesley and Tom had some vintage goodies that I got to use in my studio...Talking Trash (Debbie) & Cat Daddy had some vintage velvet roses that I snagged as soon as I saw them...and the booth next to me (Carolyn and Kent from Antique Company Mall) had a line at the check out for the entire evening!!! They were from the antique mall in McKinney...and they just had an endless supply of good stuff. Linda Kinnaird had some lovely original jewelry, Dale McLain had some sparlling creations as well....and the list goes on and on! If I missed giving you credit for the good, sorry, but I just go into overload thinking about it!!!! Oh, but I must say one more, Jamie Miller of Art-e-ology had bins and bins of paper emphemera and treasures...I can't show you what I bought from her until I give it to my dear friend Gigi for her bday present!!! But it was to die for!!! Check out the Paper Cowgirl page on fb to see more pics of the Vendor Night also!!!
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

No!!! Has it really been that long????

Surely it has not been over two months since I last blogged!!?! Yikes, sorry, life gets busy and I start running and before you know it, Spring has turned to Summer. Hot, Hot Summer at that! Well, since it has been so long, guess I better start catching up...the most important thing I can think of is that I just returned from Paper Cowgirl in Waxahachie! The beautiful paper dress shown above was what greeted us at the Dove's Nest on our first night! Ann-Denise Anderson made this out of crepe paper, coffee filters, paper clay and sheer imagination! Is that not just gorgeous? I am always amazed at her creations, she must stay up all day and night dreaming of things to make for our enjoyment at the PC events! and speaking of dreaming up things for us at PC, the other picture is Cindy Mayfield our head "cowgirl" who makes it all happen at the Paper Cowgirl retreats! She is the hard working, creative leader of Paper Cowgirl! And what an event it was! I have lots more pics to post, but just wanted to get a start on catching up...I am in great need of unpacking my art supplies and putting my studio back together tonight, so I will continue tomorrow...over coffee...right after I have my blueberry waffles and bacon for breakfast!! Maybe I will even snap a pic of those before I gobble them down!