Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feeling a Bit like Christmas!!

Snowflakes and snowmen, little bottle brush trees, burlap and twine...Christmas is all wrapped up in these! The last few months have just flown by and now that we are just weeks away from the Holiday, I have been busy painting and creating to fill my boutique at the Plaid Peacock in Roanoke. Have you had a chance to go there yet? It is a charming little town, not far down Hwy 114 past Southlake and Grapevine...just watch for the water tower that says Roanoke. Once you turn on Oak St., you will be amazed at what they have done to this downtown area!

It is filled with shops and restaurants galore! It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your girlfriends or family. Located at 206 N. Oak St. you will find the Plaid Peacock. Once you step inside those amazing stained glass doors, you will find the most wonderful boutiques to shop for all your gift giving needs...and I am sure you will find a few things for yourself as well! In the back right hand corner of the building is the P'Arty Place, a creative arts studio, where you can sign up for all sorts of fun classes. Ann Denise Anderson is the proprietor of P'arty Place, she has a creative mind that just does not stop! She decorates the studio for every occasion and has some really fun Mix and Mingle events on Saturday nights if you want to come and share some laughs and gourmet treats while she teaches you how to make a little creative magic! Check out her website for all the details...she also hosts creative parties for adults and kids...craft camps, and art classes for other local artist that teach. I am teaching there this Saturday to a group of little girls for a "Cookies and Cocoa Class" where twenty little girls will get to create their very own little Holiday canvas and embellish it with a little bling! Then on Sunday, I am teaching another class for adults that is a little canvas with a whimsical flair. My boutique in the Plaid Peacock is filled to overflowing with lots of Holiday art and creative decor! I have included some pictures here to show some of the paintings both big and small, and some of the little goodies that you can pick up for a great price just in time to give as treats to your friends, teachers and neighbors. Every week, I add new creations and vintage inspired decor you will want to check back often! If you get a chance stop by this weekend and see for yourself all the wonderful things the Plaid Peacock has to offer. I know this time of year is so busy, but be sure and take the time to visit the downtown area of Roanoke, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Here are a few of the larger stacked canvas pieces with Winter themes...I love painting these snowmen, they all develop a personality all their own as I paint the faces and add some warm hats and scarves to their fat little round heads!

Some are textured to look like whirling snowflakes and have embellishments added on top of the work table is covered in glitter, ribbons, paints and papers...little jewels and vintage holly...just the right things to fill my mind with creativity and start to put me in the Christmas spirit!!! Hope you are loving this time of year as much as I am.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you up for a "wicked" cool event??? ~Paper Cowgirl Style~

Wicked Tea is coming! Register Now for a fun filled day on October 15th! Go to to find out more! You can see all the class projects and the costs, etc. for this fabulous event. I will be teaching a class, along with Ann Denise Anderson and Lisa McIlvain...some wonderful techniques and fun creations will fill the day with creating and snacking! If you have ever attended a Paper Cowgirl event, you know the decor will be fabulous, the lunch will be delish and the creating will be over the top! This year, the event is limited to 32 people. It is being held at Ann Denise's home, which she is working non-stop to decorate for the tea! And if you know Ann Denise, it will be the most fabulous thing you can ever imagine...that woman has the creative energy like nothing I have ever seen before! Last years Wicked Tea was so fun and the goodies and classes were so great, I know this years event will top even that! I think there are only about 15 spaces left...and registration has only been open for a week! It will fill up fast, so don't delay and click right on over to the blog to sign up for this once a year event that we all count the days till!!!! I know you have heard me say this before, but spending time with other creative women is something so get to sit in a room of smiling women, surrounded by art supplies, visiting and laughing...sharing life's adventures and encouraging one another...being filled to the brim with friendship and fellowship. Even if you don't know a soul there, I guarantee you will leave with new friendships formed! Never have I enjoyed a group of ladies as much as I do the ones that come to the Paper Cowgirl events!!! Cindy goes out of her way to fill the day with fun, Ann Denise uses every creative bone in her body to make sure it is extra special and Lisa Mc will make sure you learn something new! I love how everyone shares their artistic knowledge and their stash of art supplies!!! You can also click on the button on the right side of my blog to connect to the the info to register. I hope I get to see you there! I am posting some pictures of my class project for you to see, but you can see all the others on the blog!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Don't you just love it when someone puts their own spin on it!

Have you been over to see Cindy at Yapping Cat Studios? She has some pics up of her Summertime decorating! She is getting all ready for the hot days of July!!! Some red, some white and some blue mixed into her own style. One day last week I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Cindy and Lisa Mc shopping at Lones Star Antique Mall (more on that adventure later!!!). We wandered thru the booths gathering goodies, sharing finds, and popping creative ideas...then we stopped for a yummy bite to eat at the tea room there, where we had a fabulous chicken avocado salad! While we were shopping, Cindy found this fab vintage box, a little chippy peely and nestled in the cutes display! She hated to take it out of the display, but had her own idea for what she would use it for...and if you hop over to her blog, you can see how she put her own spin on it! The box at the mall was filled with nature goodies as you can see in the pics above...but with a few more of her treasures she found and a little tea staining of flags, she made it all her own! Don't you just love it when you get to see what someone does with their treasures??? Well, if I would just unpack mine from the shopping bag, I might find a creative use for them too!!! Off to play with my treasures, have a great weekend!! and Stay cool!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Class Photos from PC

I won't ramble here, but just wanted to post some of the pictures from the class. We had 20 fabulous women here creating in class! A special thank you to each of them, they were so fun to start the day with!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Vendor Night @Paper Cowgirl

leather handpainted cuff bracelets and handpainted cowboy hats with hearts and roses on moss covered dress form with wings painted canvas with french style roses and vintage roses with paintings by Sandra Feazel of 7th St.Studio.

Just thought it might be fun to show you some pictures from Vendor Night at PC! This is a collage of the items in my booth. I did some handpainted Cowgirl Hats, some Handpainted Leather Cuff Bracelets and lots of blingy hair goodies and adornments! I also brought some of my small pieces of artwork to sell. The leather cuffs were the hit of the night! Especially the ones with the Smooshy Roses like the class I taught! I had a great time setting up and selling, but even more fun buying goodies from the other vendors....there were some great treasures at some fab-u-lous prices!!! I need to finish un-packing so I can snap some pics of my treasures! Susan Skinner had some beautiful handmade lamp shades, I bought my mom one for her bedside lamp...and Lisa Mc had some great goodies set up with Karla Nathan. Joanna had some bargains again this time, you can always count on her for lots of loot for your cowgirl buck!!! and Lesley and Tom had some vintage goodies that I got to use in my studio...Talking Trash (Debbie) & Cat Daddy had some vintage velvet roses that I snagged as soon as I saw them...and the booth next to me (Carolyn and Kent from Antique Company Mall) had a line at the check out for the entire evening!!! They were from the antique mall in McKinney...and they just had an endless supply of good stuff. Linda Kinnaird had some lovely original jewelry, Dale McLain had some sparlling creations as well....and the list goes on and on! If I missed giving you credit for the good, sorry, but I just go into overload thinking about it!!!! Oh, but I must say one more, Jamie Miller of Art-e-ology had bins and bins of paper emphemera and treasures...I can't show you what I bought from her until I give it to my dear friend Gigi for her bday present!!! But it was to die for!!! Check out the Paper Cowgirl page on fb to see more pics of the Vendor Night also!!!
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

No!!! Has it really been that long????

Surely it has not been over two months since I last blogged!!?! Yikes, sorry, life gets busy and I start running and before you know it, Spring has turned to Summer. Hot, Hot Summer at that! Well, since it has been so long, guess I better start catching up...the most important thing I can think of is that I just returned from Paper Cowgirl in Waxahachie! The beautiful paper dress shown above was what greeted us at the Dove's Nest on our first night! Ann-Denise Anderson made this out of crepe paper, coffee filters, paper clay and sheer imagination! Is that not just gorgeous? I am always amazed at her creations, she must stay up all day and night dreaming of things to make for our enjoyment at the PC events! and speaking of dreaming up things for us at PC, the other picture is Cindy Mayfield our head "cowgirl" who makes it all happen at the Paper Cowgirl retreats! She is the hard working, creative leader of Paper Cowgirl! And what an event it was! I have lots more pics to post, but just wanted to get a start on catching up...I am in great need of unpacking my art supplies and putting my studio back together tonight, so I will continue tomorrow...over coffee...right after I have my blueberry waffles and bacon for breakfast!! Maybe I will even snap a pic of those before I gobble them down!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Living The Creative Life!!!

Living the Creative Life!!! I have been so blessed over the last few months to actively pursue the life of an artist! I have devoted days upon end to the creative process. Of course my house is reflecting this in an absolute state of chaos! But, I am so content, to each day focus on creating and playing in paint! I have created to my hearts content and then set up at local shows to sell my creations. I love the whole process of producing, designing a set up, creating a display and then selling and meeting the people who attend these events and invest their time and money in original art! There is nothing like it! I am also blessed that my two kids (now young adults) enjoy doing this with me! My daughter and my son both like to do these shows with me, they both have an appreciation of the artist, time, talent and dedication it takes to do this. I had an artist come up to me after the show this past weekend to tell me he so enjoyed visiting with my son, how polite and knowledgeable he was in his conversation about this artist work. I mean what other 18 yr old guy knows the difference between organic cotton used in creating clothing, than masses produced manufactured items! I hope both of them will always carry that appreciation of art with them in some form or another! I just smile when I see a small child setting up at these shows with their parent....the parent trying to balance setting up with entertaining the very active little one running around the booth. I remember those days, and let me tell you, they pay off...doing something you love, creating and involving your kids, is a priceless investment in their future. I cherish the days that I got to spend at home when my kids were little, painting in the driveway while they rode their bikes. I was always just a step away to answer a question or watch a new learned trick..or to see the bug they caught or the flower they picked. They were always welcome to create...had access to endless art supplies, and were encouraged to just play in art. Today as I look at both of them, young adults...I value even more the time I got to spend with them. The days pass much to fast, and every season brings a new challenge...but watching them grow as young a so fun!
Well, I really started out this post to talk about creating art...but just had to share the treasure that time with my kids is at my last few art events. To all of you that purchased or came to see my art, thank you so much! You make this dream of mine a reality! You make it possible for me to spend my days creating and making memories!!! I appreciate you more than you know!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

YeeeeHawww, it is time to register for Paper Cowgirl!!!

Have you registered yet??? ARe you in???? Paper Cowgirl is just around the corner...June 2011 Registration is open and filling up fast!!! I have pictured my class project here for you to see, the class Petite Bouquet is a combination of painting and collage. The main focus of the class is learning to paint the European styled smoosh-y roses!!! And if you have never attempted painting can be intimidating...but not in my class. I will break it down into simple steps that will have you smelling like a rose and painting them too!!! If you are not a painter, you will be after this class! This class is for beginners as well as those of you advanced in your painting skills. I will supply all you need for the painting and all you need to bring is any embellishments that you may want to add after the fact. My suggestion would be a vintage bling (brooch or jewel) and a vintage or vintage look chain, so I can show you how to hang your beautiful art in vintage style! Many of the classes are sold out, but there are still lots of good ones to grab, if you hurry!!!! Here is the site: So, go get yer boots on and come join us for some Texas size fun and creating!!! PC style!!!!