Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is this just so sweet....I mean manly!!!

My son went to his first Homecoming! He goes to a school that does not have sports, it is more of a college prep school that focuses on academics and technology...but, he was invited by a cute young girl named Ashley that goes to one of the larger high schools here in town...Soooooooo, with out a moments hesitation, I ran out and got all the stuff to make her mum. Yes, I know...I got a little carried away! (Really carried enough to make more than one mum!) The mum is almost as big as she is!!! LOL , when I was in school (all those many years ago!!!) the bigger the mum the better, and the more it had hanging and dangling from it, we loved all that stuff!!! Well, I made sure there was lots dangling and hanging from this one, even had red glittered feathers and polka dot ribbon mixed into it!!! I hope she loved it as much as I loved making it!!! I forget on blogger that you can't post the pics in the text!!! So they look all jumbled...sorry! Just had to share this moment, my baby went to year he will be a senior.....too much for me!!! My how time flies!!!