Friday, February 12, 2010

A Little Lisa Kaus came to my house!!!

A little (really a lot!!!) 0f Lisa Kaus came to my house!!! by way of mail...
IN the way of a blog give away that I won!!! Lisa's blog is so much fun to keep up with, she has such a whimsical style! I love to read her blog and see her latest work, so imagine my surprise when I actually won her blog give away!!! I want to share with you the adorable things she sent to me!!! First, she sent the Sumerset Calendar for 2010...and surprise, she is featured on January with one of her dollie pieces!!! If you go to, you can see more of these fun pieces! Also in the box were two of her mini prints, they are mounted on wood and have the cutes scrolled hangers...I love the WISH one, it is in pink and has one of my favorite prints on it, a whimsical cake! and then she sent one that says "LIVE LIFE JOYOUSLY", that one I hung right by my winter scarves to remind me each day to do just that!!!! FILL IT WITH JOY! Next, she sent a sweet notecard with one of her prints that I will never want to send on, but will hang onto and probably frame....and she enclosed a sweet thank you note! It made me feel extra special to receive all the fabulous things from Lisa! It was such a generous thing to do!!! I look at these each day and am reminded of her thoughtfulness! Thanks Lisa!!! so very very much for all the goodies, I will treasure them always!!!