Friday, November 19, 2010

The Apple Does Not Fall Far from The Tree!

This is my son, Spencer, the photo of him was taken about 6 mo. ago, he has cut his hair off since then...all graduated from high school and growing up. He is testing out his hand at all kinds of, will start college in January....taking on more responsibility, and just testing the waters to see what it is he enjoys doing. He decided the other day to try his hand at painting. Now grant you, both my kids will play a little in my studio with me, but for the most part...they think paint and art supplies are "mom's thing". But since I have been painting more lately, and having moved my studio/office back home...he has shown an interest. When I say "gallery" ...his hears perk up...he has become curious as to how this whole art thing works. So, when I came home from the gallery the other day and told him about several of the new artist, he decided he wanted to try his hand at painting. So, above you can see his first two attempts! When he was finished, we packed them in the van and I took them over to the gallery with some of my paintings...well much to his delight! Gaylynn like his work, gave him cuddos for his first attempts and framed them and hung them at the gallery...not just at the gallery, but in a prime spot. Spencer is so excited about this, he even posted it on fb to show his friends! He said he had some request paintings for their dorm room! How exciting is that, to be young, discover something that you enjoy doing and for it to be such an exciting thing to see if they sell!!! Yes! For me, it means all those hours of painting and exposing my kids to art, has paid off. If they even love it enough to have it as a hobby, it will make me so happy. Art has been my saving grace all my life, if I can pass that on to even one of my children, that is a good thing!
Hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend and maybe even some creating! I know I am, the ideas are just poppin around in here....counting the hours till I can pick up the paint brush!!!! Hey, and look, I have posted three days straight now...think that may be a record for me....till tomorrow, bye my friends!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Exciting,Fabulous, Wonderful Day!!!

What a Day!!! Yesterday was such an exciting day! I attended a luncheon at the gallery where I sell my artwork, La Montage, for the Society of Interior Design-Dallas Chapter. Jill and I got to present our line of original artwork for children's rooms! There were two of the other artist there, we also got to meet and that all in itself was a treat. Melissa McKean and Julie Pharr were there to present there artwork too. The group of Interior Designers were such a sweet group of ladies and seemed so encouraging of one another. I loved seeing that. Gaylynn, the gallery owner, had the gallery all decorated for the Holidays and served a lovely lunch of bowtie pasta with sun dried tomatoes in a cream sauce, caesar salad and baguettes. Each place setting had a beautiful handmade ornament from Melissa of ELLE Designs. I wish I had snapped a picture of the tables, they were beautiful! A beautiful gallery filled to the brim with inspiring artwork, lovely ladies, a beautiful hostess, a chance to discuss the benefits of custom artwork....what a fabulous time! And after the event, all the artist gathered at a table and enjoyed lunch together. Wonderful conversation about our work, what inspires us, future projects....and we got to know each other a little more. Kelly, Gaylynn's new assistant joined us and she was so much fun! It was nice to see how great she fit into the mix as she will be representing out work to clients and stores in the future.
It was a day that made me realize how truly blessed I am to be doing something I absolutely love. To be passionate about your work is the most rewarding thing. To wake up each day and look forward to like living in a dream!!! Really, if I could make art, teach art, sell art all day everyday... makes me one very happy girl!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

JUst FoR ToDaY....

I absolutely love reading blogs, love seeing all the pictures too. Every time I read blogs, I get inspired, promise to blog more, but then when I start to try and figure out what to blog about, I get, life, emotion, work...what to blog. Well, JUst FoR ToDaY, I will not freak out, not stress...just share a random picture and babble about a little of it all, because, JUst FoR ToDaY, I don't have to be PERFECT!!!
Today is Wednesday, middle of the week and I have an exciting day ahead. I am attending a luncheon for the Dallas Interior Design Society, that is being hosted by La Montage. La Montage is the gallery where I sell my artwork. I am attending not as a designer...but as an artist! I am changing hats and can not wait to wear this one!!! I and several of the other artist that are represented at the gallery, will be on hand to discuss our art, promote our art and just welcome the designers to the gallery. I stayed up really late last night, deciding what to wear (need to look artsy!), even painted my toenails and fingernails! My son came home and said to me...Mom, most women go get their nails done!. Well, not if you decide at 10:00 that it needs to be done! I never plan that far in advance. But nails are done, outfit and accessories are chosen! I am about to hit the shower and get excited. I will try to remember to take my camera and take some pictures...especially of the other artist and the designers there. I am excited to meet two of the other artist that I have never met. Butterflies in the tummy kind of day, but in a good way. And reminding myself all the way...I do not have to be PERFECT, if JUst FoR ToDay!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tickled Pink and Pleased As Punch!

How could you not be tickled pink when you get to spend the day painting at a fabulous Children's Boutique! I have just completed the dressing room and the castle at Heaven Sent Children's Boutique in Lewisville! What a fun project! I could not help but be inspired by all the darling girlie things at this adorable shop! Tutu's and hairbows, cute, cute clothes and the most precious baby things you could ever want to see! They even have Vera Bradley bags and purses!!! It is a good think I do not have a little girl to dress, but even though I do not, I managed to come home with some of their treasures!!! A tutu for my big dog, the cutest pink stockings for the studio and the sudden urge to paint everything PINK!!! My next project there is to paint a carriage fit for a princess on one of the walls....can't wait to begin!!!!