Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Saturday !

Happy Saturday everyone!!! Hope you are finding this rainy day to be as inspiring as I have.....when it is rainy and overcast, it makes me feel like I need to stay home and work on projects...and that is a good thing. I have been home these last few rainy days working on some new you want a peek? ~~~hint...look at the above photos!
I love painting roses, and the "smooshier" the better! I painted these into a paper cone, the only thing missing is the vintage jeweled piece I am adding to it later today.
I have decided that this piece will be my next class subject to teach. I will be sending out class information this weekend, so stay tuned for the dates and time. I loved teaching at Paper Cowgirl and want to teach more painting classes...or shall I say creative workshops. The girls that took the class at PC were so inspring, I loved interacting with them and seeing what they created!! It just makes me so happy, so why not add more of it to my life!! I am into creating HAPPY, aren't you?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yes, One Thing Leads to Another and Another...

Now, back to the story.....

if you read the post below (in my backward kind of way!) :)

here are some pics of the monster furniture....see it is so big I could not get it all in the camera lens!
It started out a pale murky green color, but not for I took the brush that already had the brown paint on it from the walls and began painting it, dipping in a can of white paint as I went, so it gave it a kinda vintage whitewashed look. Then for the final coat, I dry brushed a whiter white on top and added some iron pieced to the top and on the table front...painted those white too! THEN the fun began!!!!
I grabbed all the brown transfer ware I could find in my house, some ironstone pieces that I had from my dad's collections and began arranging. I am still working on it some, it changes I have added my red glass plates behind the brown transferware and love that! Who knew brown and red looked so cool together (yes, I do have the Country Living magazine with it on the cover, thanks to Cindy over at Yapping Cat!!!)
And do you see the cute little sconce hanging on the wall beside it??? I got those years ago at Golightley's in North Richland Hills...they were in my hall bath....but they got updated shades and moved to a better locale! They even came with muslin tea stained cord covers!
Hopefully by the end of the weekend (hear my kids snickering at this!!! and maybe even my sweet mom!) the dining room will be finished.......well it will be done in time for Christmas!!! I promise ...really! ~~~Sandra
Well, there are more things to lead to here...but that's another post~stay tuned for more!

One Thing Leads to Another!!

Yep, I told you in my last post that this would be the title of my next post! It all started when I returned home from the Paper Cowgirl (see pics below). I was so full of inspiration of the creating type and full of ideas I saw at The Dove's Nest, that I promptly began painting. Some on canvas and some on walls and some on furniture! I had work to do when I got home, four paintings for the gallery that a designer had ordered (really she only ordered two, but hey now you gotta give a girl some choices! I painted four). Here are the four like with umber brown backgrounds and layers of tan, cream, beige and whites....can't wait to see which ones she pics! THEN...I decided I loved the umber back ground color and seeing that I had a huge treasure of a piece of furniture that a friend dropped off on my driveway.....the alternative was the trash (YIKES!!!! who would do that!!!) I decided to paint my dining room walls in the umber color...or at least two of the walls. My kids will testify to the fact that I can get very distracted when painting and sometimes it may be months before I finish the walls. You see, I have to decorate the walls as I finish painting them....working around the room. It is all a creative process to me and finishing the decor on each wall makes me eager to plan the next wall....doesn't everyone do it this way? So after painting the two walls, I had my son help me drag in the big furniture....did I mention that it was a hutch like kinda thing that was a long narrow table and then a shelved piece on top...almost 8 ft tall! Really, I had just three inches to spare to the ceiling! Now lets see if I can get a pic or two of the piece...don't want you to get bored with all the text! Darn it, I can never seem to get the pics right in gets me all confused since I also have a typepad blog...and not to mention my ability to forget minor details!!! Lets blame it on ADD, and adult ADD at that! Sooooooo, let me publish this post and I will start a new one so the pics are in order....I know, a crazy way to do things, but hey that is just he way it is! ~~~~~Sandra

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finally Catching Up After Paper Cowgirl

I am finally posting some pictures from the Paper Cowgirl Event, what an incredible experience it was! There were over 70 women there, not just ordinary women, but creative, fun and inspiring women!!! I got to see some familiar face like Nancy, LaVerne, Chantal, Cindy and Ann Denise and I got to meet so many new people. The classes were awesome (the ones I took and the ones I heard about) and the vendor night was the best ever! I came home with an empty wallet and a full van!! Here are just a few of the pictures I took, you can go to www.warehouseartchix to see more!
Here's Cari at our first class on Friday morning (notice her dinosaur bracelet that she bought at the Doves Nest on Thurs. night)...and here is our class kit for Cindy G.'s class, La Petite Boutique...
and here is Cindy Gilstrap and her adorable daughter Courtney.....her class was a french inspired boutique dress form with paper ruffles made out of vintage sewing paper patterns! Too Cute and so fun to learn!!! I still have not finished mine, but I will post it when I finish it!

And here is the adorable Susan Skinner in her hat that I made for her in the Not Just Your Mama's Hat was so fun how it matched what she was had lots of vintage baubles on top!

And then when I got was back to creative work painting four "spa" paintings for the gallery, La Montage in Lewisville. These were special orders, and so fun to do....just wait till I show you what this led to. I think my next post will be entitled "One Thing Leads to Another"! That seems to be the way it goes in my world!

I have lots more photos of the PC event, so stay tuned for more of the fun! Thank you especially to Cindy Mayfield for the hard work and commitment she put into this event. She and the much loved and missed Tina Wright started PC and Cindy has put her heart and soul into keeping it going and growing after the death of Tina. Even though Tina was not there in body, we all felt she was there in spirit, and it was a special treat for us all to meet her husband and daughter at the Meet and Greet on Thursday night. Now I am off to post on the warehouseartchix blog...join me there with the link above!!!