Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the season of LOVE is soon to be here!!!

LOVE is in the air, and the month to celebrate it all is almost here!!! February is just a few days away, so lets get the celebration started here! To begin the party, we will have a few give aways and treats! Just leave a comment here to enter your name in the drawing. I will begin the search for some darling pink paper to place your name on and then toss them all into a cute handpainted pink box and who knows what treats and treasures are in store for you!!! Let me see.....how about some little glittered hearts adorned with roses...a fun and funky heart ring....a sweet treat, yes something to eat!....and some girly diva treasures sure to make your heart beat!!!! So stay tuned for pics and descriptions complete with dates for drawings and some other creative peeks!!! Awww yes, LOVE....it is so darn sweet!!!