Friday, November 19, 2010

The Apple Does Not Fall Far from The Tree!

This is my son, Spencer, the photo of him was taken about 6 mo. ago, he has cut his hair off since then...all graduated from high school and growing up. He is testing out his hand at all kinds of, will start college in January....taking on more responsibility, and just testing the waters to see what it is he enjoys doing. He decided the other day to try his hand at painting. Now grant you, both my kids will play a little in my studio with me, but for the most part...they think paint and art supplies are "mom's thing". But since I have been painting more lately, and having moved my studio/office back home...he has shown an interest. When I say "gallery" ...his hears perk up...he has become curious as to how this whole art thing works. So, when I came home from the gallery the other day and told him about several of the new artist, he decided he wanted to try his hand at painting. So, above you can see his first two attempts! When he was finished, we packed them in the van and I took them over to the gallery with some of my paintings...well much to his delight! Gaylynn like his work, gave him cuddos for his first attempts and framed them and hung them at the gallery...not just at the gallery, but in a prime spot. Spencer is so excited about this, he even posted it on fb to show his friends! He said he had some request paintings for their dorm room! How exciting is that, to be young, discover something that you enjoy doing and for it to be such an exciting thing to see if they sell!!! Yes! For me, it means all those hours of painting and exposing my kids to art, has paid off. If they even love it enough to have it as a hobby, it will make me so happy. Art has been my saving grace all my life, if I can pass that on to even one of my children, that is a good thing!
Hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend and maybe even some creating! I know I am, the ideas are just poppin around in here....counting the hours till I can pick up the paint brush!!!! Hey, and look, I have posted three days straight now...think that may be a record for me....till tomorrow, bye my friends!


cindy said...

Your son is a very handsome young man. And if he is anything like his sister, I'm sure a winning personality to match. Congrats indeed on his success in garnering gallery spots! What wonderful news! Very proud and happy for him. A chip off of the apple for sure! :)


Denise said...

Hi Sandra. I am just now getting around to reading and commenting on your sweet comment from Thanksgiving day. Thank you so much! You have certainly made my day. I am running so far behind on my blogging but I did take quite a few pics today of Christmas decor. Your son is a very good looking young man and I can certainly see why you are so proud of him. Congrats!

Texas Library Lady said...

I am so proud of Spencer! I can't believe he is a high school graduate. Please give him a hug for me and tell him his kindergarten teacher is happy for his success.