Tuesday, March 1, 2011

YeeeeHawww, it is time to register for Paper Cowgirl!!!

Have you registered yet??? ARe you in???? Paper Cowgirl is just around the corner...June 2011 Registration is open and filling up fast!!! I have pictured my class project here for you to see, the class Petite Bouquet is a combination of painting and collage. The main focus of the class is learning to paint the European styled smoosh-y roses!!! And if you have never attempted painting roses...it can be intimidating...but not in my class. I will break it down into simple steps that will have you smelling like a rose and painting them too!!! If you are not a painter, you will be after this class! This class is for beginners as well as those of you advanced in your painting skills. I will supply all you need for the painting and all you need to bring is any embellishments that you may want to add after the fact. My suggestion would be a vintage bling (brooch or jewel) and a vintage or vintage look chain, so I can show you how to hang your beautiful art in vintage style! Many of the classes are sold out, but there are still lots of good ones to grab, if you hurry!!!! Here is the site:
www.pcregistration.blogspot.com So, go get yer boots on and come join us for some Texas size fun and creating!!! PC style!!!!


Lana said...

Your artwork is gorgeous! I don't think I'm close enough to attend, but I'm sure everyone will have a wonderful time. :)

Frank Zweegers said...

Great job!

Blogger said...

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