Wednesday, November 17, 2010

JUst FoR ToDaY....

I absolutely love reading blogs, love seeing all the pictures too. Every time I read blogs, I get inspired, promise to blog more, but then when I start to try and figure out what to blog about, I get, life, emotion, work...what to blog. Well, JUst FoR ToDaY, I will not freak out, not stress...just share a random picture and babble about a little of it all, because, JUst FoR ToDaY, I don't have to be PERFECT!!!
Today is Wednesday, middle of the week and I have an exciting day ahead. I am attending a luncheon for the Dallas Interior Design Society, that is being hosted by La Montage. La Montage is the gallery where I sell my artwork. I am attending not as a designer...but as an artist! I am changing hats and can not wait to wear this one!!! I and several of the other artist that are represented at the gallery, will be on hand to discuss our art, promote our art and just welcome the designers to the gallery. I stayed up really late last night, deciding what to wear (need to look artsy!), even painted my toenails and fingernails! My son came home and said to me...Mom, most women go get their nails done!. Well, not if you decide at 10:00 that it needs to be done! I never plan that far in advance. But nails are done, outfit and accessories are chosen! I am about to hit the shower and get excited. I will try to remember to take my camera and take some pictures...especially of the other artist and the designers there. I am excited to meet two of the other artist that I have never met. Butterflies in the tummy kind of day, but in a good way. And reminding myself all the way...I do not have to be PERFECT, if JUst FoR ToDay!!!

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