Monday, November 8, 2010

Tickled Pink and Pleased As Punch!

How could you not be tickled pink when you get to spend the day painting at a fabulous Children's Boutique! I have just completed the dressing room and the castle at Heaven Sent Children's Boutique in Lewisville! What a fun project! I could not help but be inspired by all the darling girlie things at this adorable shop! Tutu's and hairbows, cute, cute clothes and the most precious baby things you could ever want to see! They even have Vera Bradley bags and purses!!! It is a good think I do not have a little girl to dress, but even though I do not, I managed to come home with some of their treasures!!! A tutu for my big dog, the cutest pink stockings for the studio and the sudden urge to paint everything PINK!!! My next project there is to paint a carriage fit for a princess on one of the walls....can't wait to begin!!!!


Jamie said...

Sandra you did a beautiful job!!!! I would expect no less from you:) I had so much fun with you and Cari at the Wicked Tea. It is a day that I will not soon forget. I want to say thank you both for making me feel so much at home and welcome. Love, Jamie

(and I know you remember my cell phone number so call anytime:)

krys kirkpatrick said...

You are to too kind! It really is a small world isn't it. I guess being in business all these meet so many people, all for a reason I am sure. I love what I am doing and It pleases me no end to hear comments like yours. Thank-you so much. Keep up the creative looks like you have as much fun as I do. said...

Just adorable!