Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yes, One Thing Leads to Another and Another...

Now, back to the story.....

if you read the post below (in my backward kind of way!) :)

here are some pics of the monster furniture....see it is so big I could not get it all in the camera lens!
It started out a pale murky green color, but not for I took the brush that already had the brown paint on it from the walls and began painting it, dipping in a can of white paint as I went, so it gave it a kinda vintage whitewashed look. Then for the final coat, I dry brushed a whiter white on top and added some iron pieced to the top and on the table front...painted those white too! THEN the fun began!!!!
I grabbed all the brown transfer ware I could find in my house, some ironstone pieces that I had from my dad's collections and began arranging. I am still working on it some, it changes I have added my red glass plates behind the brown transferware and love that! Who knew brown and red looked so cool together (yes, I do have the Country Living magazine with it on the cover, thanks to Cindy over at Yapping Cat!!!)
And do you see the cute little sconce hanging on the wall beside it??? I got those years ago at Golightley's in North Richland Hills...they were in my hall bath....but they got updated shades and moved to a better locale! They even came with muslin tea stained cord covers!
Hopefully by the end of the weekend (hear my kids snickering at this!!! and maybe even my sweet mom!) the dining room will be finished.......well it will be done in time for Christmas!!! I promise ...really! ~~~Sandra
Well, there are more things to lead to here...but that's another post~stay tuned for more!

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cindy said...

It really is a wicked cool piece! I can't believe they were just going to throw it out! And you worked your magic and viola! LOVE that color and the paintings are JUST GORGEOUS! How could she NOT take all 4? You are amazing my friend, just amazing! :)