Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another!!

Yep, I told you in my last post that this would be the title of my next post! It all started when I returned home from the Paper Cowgirl (see pics below). I was so full of inspiration of the creating type and full of ideas I saw at The Dove's Nest, that I promptly began painting. Some on canvas and some on walls and some on furniture! I had work to do when I got home, four paintings for the gallery that a designer had ordered (really she only ordered two, but hey now you gotta give a girl some choices! I painted four). Here are the four like with umber brown backgrounds and layers of tan, cream, beige and whites....can't wait to see which ones she pics! THEN...I decided I loved the umber back ground color and seeing that I had a huge treasure of a piece of furniture that a friend dropped off on my driveway.....the alternative was the trash (YIKES!!!! who would do that!!!) I decided to paint my dining room walls in the umber color...or at least two of the walls. My kids will testify to the fact that I can get very distracted when painting and sometimes it may be months before I finish the walls. You see, I have to decorate the walls as I finish painting them....working around the room. It is all a creative process to me and finishing the decor on each wall makes me eager to plan the next wall....doesn't everyone do it this way? So after painting the two walls, I had my son help me drag in the big furniture....did I mention that it was a hutch like kinda thing that was a long narrow table and then a shelved piece on top...almost 8 ft tall! Really, I had just three inches to spare to the ceiling! Now lets see if I can get a pic or two of the piece...don't want you to get bored with all the text! Darn it, I can never seem to get the pics right in gets me all confused since I also have a typepad blog...and not to mention my ability to forget minor details!!! Lets blame it on ADD, and adult ADD at that! Sooooooo, let me publish this post and I will start a new one so the pics are in order....I know, a crazy way to do things, but hey that is just he way it is! ~~~~~Sandra

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