Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Slowly But Surely ...all cream walls will be gone!!!

The store looks more playful and bright with all the new wall colors, here is a display on a clothes rack, I made several of these "bucket arrangements" to give the diplays pop...and if someone wants one to put on their nursery shelf, it is for sale too!

The upper wall at the back of the shop, I added a fun mannequin with a fluffy flouncy outfit and then a massive carved ornate picture frame that I nestled one of my heart paintings in...then another "bucket" of flowers and a large turqoise sap bucket...

on the side wall, I added another painting, some fun colorful merchandise...the harlequin will be wonderful in all seasons and the ledges can be changed out easily. The walls already had a wood retail display system on them...so I am working around that...

here you can see the wood system on the wall...kinda boring, but very functional for changing displays..I think I may need to skirt the tables to hide back stock, maybe give them a tutu effect!!!

Then I made a large moveable sign...one side has the store name and the other side is a sale sign....the colors are so much brighter in person...and ...yes, I forgot to take a pic of the other side...these pictures were taken with a disposable digital...I have lost my camera....again...well, it is grey, who notices something that is grey...now if it were hot pink or orange, maybe I could keep up with it better!!! Hope you enjoy the "AFTER" pics, this is only the beginning stages of our redo...there will be more to come as we complete the transition...feel free to come to Lewisville, Texas and visit in person...tell them Sandra sent you!!!

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karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh woooowwww!!!!!! I am loving these colors! What a fun store that would be to take Sugarwings shopping at!