Sunday, September 7, 2008

Painted Hands

Yes, I have been playing in the paint!!! I spent all evening playing in my studio last night...and got up super early and started again!!! Wow, there is nothing more fun to me than to be in my makes me ever so thankful that God has blessed me with these hands that can paint and a wonderful space to do that in!!! That studio is a blessing for was for years just a crummy workshop/storage building ...twenty years ago I had the dream that it could be a studio...then life happened and years (many years later after my divorce) I began to clean it out and start the dream of a studio...It is really more like a small house, it has siding and windows, a french door for the entry, and now a pair of french doors on the backside that look out at my flowerbeds and little pond....(these looked so much better last year before the heatwave hit!!) Now the pond sits empty, because Vegas my studio dog, loves to get in it and pull out all the water lilys and water iris...and swim in that not so clean water! So it is now waiting for him to calm down a little before we redo that....but back to the studio, my wonderful neighbors took an interest in my redoing the building, two of them that are retired went to work on it....think it was like a coffee club for them, both their wives are on the go lots, so they would meet up at my little building and work until it got hot...they rewired the whole building, sheetrocked the walls and insulated the ceiling, hung vintage light fixtures for me....made sure there were lots of outlets... they just jumped in there and made my dream happen in fast motion!!! I can never thank them enough for helping me with that!!! Yes, thankful seems to be my middle name...thank you God for all your blessings....and for letting me have the time to create so that I can just empty this overloaded mind!!!


Bejeweled said...

Wow! Sounds like you have some angels on your side with those neighbors coming to help you out with the studio! It is going to be just fabulous when it is finished! I can see it filled with all your fabulous art in my imagination right now and it looks enchanting :)

Hope things are getting a little less stressful for you. I know you were dealing with quite a lot of change when I checked in last. Creating art is a wonderful way to decompress and reconnect with oneself, isn't it?

Take care!

Lola Enchanted said...

Playing with paint is fun!!!

Stopping in to say hello!~