Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After....and then....

The wall outside the dressing room and leading into the play area is now striped in horizontal fuschia and tango orange, then the walls above the molding got a harlequin update to better show off the merchandise...
Then I added a fabric enty to the play area, the back plain cream wall will get a scene painted on it very soon with whimsical animals in fun attire! I wish you could see the this part better, I layered huge bright colored buttons with lots of ribbons to add to the points on the top treatment, then made tassels to match to tie back the panels...wanted it to seem kind of like a "big top" effect, when the animals arrive, it will have more of the look I want.

The stripes go onto the wall that the dressing room is on, so we made a fun sign to introduce that adorable spot!

Then, since fluffy, fun frufru tutus are a big seller, we created a fun frog wearing one of the tutus, if the kids touch her, she bounces...so perfect for the little ones to interact with!!!

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