Sunday, March 20, 2011

Living The Creative Life!!!

Living the Creative Life!!! I have been so blessed over the last few months to actively pursue the life of an artist! I have devoted days upon end to the creative process. Of course my house is reflecting this in an absolute state of chaos! But, I am so content, to each day focus on creating and playing in paint! I have created to my hearts content and then set up at local shows to sell my creations. I love the whole process of producing, designing a set up, creating a display and then selling and meeting the people who attend these events and invest their time and money in original art! There is nothing like it! I am also blessed that my two kids (now young adults) enjoy doing this with me! My daughter and my son both like to do these shows with me, they both have an appreciation of the artist, time, talent and dedication it takes to do this. I had an artist come up to me after the show this past weekend to tell me he so enjoyed visiting with my son, how polite and knowledgeable he was in his conversation about this artist work. I mean what other 18 yr old guy knows the difference between organic cotton used in creating clothing, than masses produced manufactured items! I hope both of them will always carry that appreciation of art with them in some form or another! I just smile when I see a small child setting up at these shows with their parent....the parent trying to balance setting up with entertaining the very active little one running around the booth. I remember those days, and let me tell you, they pay off...doing something you love, creating and involving your kids, is a priceless investment in their future. I cherish the days that I got to spend at home when my kids were little, painting in the driveway while they rode their bikes. I was always just a step away to answer a question or watch a new learned trick..or to see the bug they caught or the flower they picked. They were always welcome to create...had access to endless art supplies, and were encouraged to just play in art. Today as I look at both of them, young adults...I value even more the time I got to spend with them. The days pass much to fast, and every season brings a new challenge...but watching them grow as young a so fun!
Well, I really started out this post to talk about creating art...but just had to share the treasure that time with my kids is at my last few art events. To all of you that purchased or came to see my art, thank you so much! You make this dream of mine a reality! You make it possible for me to spend my days creating and making memories!!! I appreciate you more than you know!


Cindy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! The top fab...and of course, you know I'm nuts over those bracelets!!!! :)

And I'm so glad that you are having such a good time with your kids right now. Was wonderful to see Sydney again, you are blessed indeed to have two such wonderful kiddos! I'm very happy for you!

Can't wait to see you next week my friend!


DeeDee said...

Sandra you work is beautiful/... my favorite color is Pink too and I am from texas... hehehe!