Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Counting My Blessings!!!

Have you all had a chance to check out the creations for the Bird and Bonnet Swap, hosted by Karla ( and Beth ( The Vintage Workshop contributed some wonderful images to be used in this swap. I was so intent on finishing mine up and getting them in the mail....I forgot to take pics of them!!! Oh well, I probably couldn't find my camera life is on overload and overstuff (supplies for jobs and projects are piling up in my home and van....come on three day weekend!! I need ya!!!) Sometimes I wonder what would happen if my life were in order and all things were in their place.....would I have a bad case of artist block??? You know, like writers block....would the creative juices refuse to flow in my brain??? The older I get, the more I am willing to try the organized life (I know, those of you that know me are laughing really loud right now!!!) I am really trying to work on ME right if you want to join me in prayer, that God will bless me with the gift of organization, all prayers are welcomed!!! You know how they say God has a sense of humor...please tell me he is not laughing right now too!!! I really want to be organized, almost as much as I want to paint when I should be cleaning house or cleaning out my van or studio.....painting just brings me such joy, it is so therapeutic to me, it is just part of who I and organizing just have not found their niche yet in my life!!!

Oh well, on to the blessings of this day!!! My mom had surgery today on her left hand. She has Osteoarthritis and her hands are knotted and bent from really limits her ability to use her hands. She has always played at sewing, crafting, painting and plain it is a tragedy to see her so limited in using those talented hands!! They operated on two fingers today, using local instead of anesthesia due to her use of oxygen and her COPD. They scraped the bone removing all bone spurs, then they fused the middle joints on both. They then "wired " the upper and lower joints once they were repaired. Recovery is about 8 weeks, then we will know if she wants to try the right hand and continue the repairs. I am so praying that this is a major improvement for her!!! A wonderful surprise today was that while she was having surgery, the administrator of Day Surgery came in the O.R. and it was her room mate from the Specialty Hospital where she had spent the month of February. Dee was in the bed next to my mom recovering from major back surgery and had not been able to walk for three months!! So it was a real treat to see her back at work and up and walking!!! She came out into the waiting area and found me to visit!!! A lovely surprise!!! It is such a blessing when someone crosses your path and makes an impact on your mind....when you know God placed them there for just the right reason....Dee was a sweet room mate for my mom and we enjoyed many evenings of visiting with her!!! Sooooo, a successful surgery behind us and recovery on the horizon....we are counting our blessings on this wonderful Wednesday!!! And the thought of the three day weekend headed our way is just what I need!!! -


csmith said...

So glad your mom's surgery was a success! Thinking of you guys and hoping you have a fantastic, fun weekend!!! We love you!

http:/ said...

Hi Sandra
Glad all went well. I have Osteo too and Dupuytren's Contracture also. Can you mom use her hands now? How is her COPD? I know it gets bad when they get any kind of infection. Tell her hi from me.
Hugs to you both,

cindy said...

Hey honey, will say a little prayer for your Mom's recovery and for your organization! I hear ya there. I need to do the same. Hope you are doing well otherwise. Your ears were burning I bet, Judy and I were discussing the other day how cute you and your Mom's booth used to be...I think we started with Bunnies by the Bay and then it went to you two.
Take care,
: D

c said...

I'll try to remember to get some photos for you. They turned out really nice!

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Sandra,
I think organization is overrated - as I age, I am actually growing from a perfectionist to an "imperfectionist" - and it feels so darn good!

I will keep your mom in my thoughts.

Thanks so much for the kind comments.