Friday, June 13, 2008

Life is Sweet!!

Thought this little painting was oh so appropriate for today, this is the second week of my efforts to shape up and get healthier! I have walked three days out of each week, eaten healthy, had lots of water, no know the routine! So far I can tell I feel better, my energy is up.....but as for pounds.....just a far. I am determined to take better care of myself! And that includes some creating time just for me in the studio this weekend! I have been busy with a commercial job, redoing the interior of a children's retail shop. I love this job...can not wait to show pictures of it! Just as soon as I clean out the van from work to see if my camera is buried in it somewhere!!!! Have a great Friday and may it lead into a fabulous weekend!-Sandra


csmith said...

So good to hear from you again! Per my Dr's orders, I'm sort of starting the same thing with eating better & exercising. I'll call you as an accountability partner. I'm looking forward to being with Spence this next week! Wish you were coming! Love you!

kecia said...

hey, good job, getting out there and taking care of yourself! you will find it is absolutely necessary to give yourself the quality time you need to regenerate. the retail redo sounds fab - definitely want to see photos.
kecia said...

Hmm, this might be a duplicate....I tried to leave a comment and don't know if it took.

What I said, is that I would love to see the photos of the redo of the shop you are working on. I'll be back to check.

Lolly said...

Welcome back. I have missed you. I was wondering if you were ever coming back.

cindy said...

You go girl! I am doing the same! Love the artwork!

c said...

Hi hope all is well with your mom.
I've got a new blog at hope you can visit soon.