Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day !!

My two darling children planned a special day to celebrate Mother's Day...they took my mother and I to brunch at a French Bistro and then had lots of presents and lovely cards! I got a new gas grill (wow!) and two new large coffee mugs, both pink (one Baylor Mom and the other an insulated travel mug)...think they get that coffee is the start of my day??? I love that my kids make every occassion special and always choose just the right gifts for me!!! So sweet! My daughter drove in for the weekend from college, right in the middle of finals. I love when she comes home, it is such quality time together. God has truly blessed me with two wonderful children!! Hope all you other mothers out there had a great day too! My mom is getting stronger every day, and it was so wonderful that she was able to get out with us and have some family time. I am off to enjoy the last bit of sunshine left to this beautiful day....thinking I might need to cook steaks on that new grill tonight!!! -Sandra


csmith said...

So glad you had a GREAT day! Missed you guys this weekend! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Perhaps we'll even bring the steaks, you do the rest???

kecia said...

Hey! what a great day for you. your children sound so sweet. and i loved how they took you and your mom out for breakfast. how'd the new grill work out? nice weather there now?


http:/ said...

Such beautiful children you have. They look like very happy people too. They had a good mom :D

http:/ said...

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