Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Creative Fix

The creative juices have been flowing and I have finally gotten my evening of painting!! Although I was too tired to go out to the studio, I did find a stash of acrylic enamels in a closet in the house...and a new unopened pack of brushes, so I just sat down and painted with my limited palette!! I have really been admiring some of the female faces in artwork lately...there are so many styles and I decided to try my hand at it, well, at least half a face...then of course a floral on the next canvas so I could use up my palette. No paint going to waste around here...if I have any left, I just rub it all over a blank canvas to build texture, so never say I am not thrifty!!! Anyway...just wanted to share a pic and let you know that I have begun listing on Etsy again (checkout for the link to our Etsy shop) and hope to keep adding to it!!! Stay tuned for more art, lots of vintage treasures and lovely little treats!!-Sandra


Lolly said...

Glad you are back! Sounds like you are really busy, but I am glad that you have found someone to have fun with. I am saving my $$$ so that you can come do some magic on my kitchen and house.

kecia said...

hello! i know it has been a long time since you've gotten to sit down and do some art. i love the face and i am still in love with the one you did for me last year. it's great. i hope your pace is slowing down and i'm happy you have found some one to enjoy a few quiet moments with. we just need to work on momma and those cigs!
miss ya,

cindy said...

Been missing ya! Love what you are doing...what is the name on the acrylic enamels? Will those work on glass too? Glad you are back!